1. General

The website www.bonair.com.pl is operated by Bonair SA with its registered office at 34 Rzymowskiego St., entered in the register of businesses conducted by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, XIII Economic Division of the National Court Register, with KRS No. 0000079659, share capital: 541 500 PLN (fully paid up), NIP taxpayer identification number: 522-00-01-286, hereinafter referred to as Bonair.

The Privacy Policy is aimed to emphasize the special importance Bonair attaches to website users’ privacy protection. It is also meant to provide the users with information on how cookie files are used, as requested by provisions of law. The primary objective of Bonair is to ensure its website users privacy protection.

2. Obtaining Information on users

The website fulfils functions of obtaining information about users and their actions in the following way:

  1. Through information entered voluntarily in forms.
  2. Through installation of “cookies” in the terminal equipment.
  3. Through the gathering of web server logs performed by the hosting operator of Bonair SA which functions at .

3. Information in forms as gathered by the website

  1. Enquiry forms are posted as part of the website which let users submit enquires regarding products and services offered by Bonair.
  2. The website collects information provided voluntarily in such forms by the user.
  3. The website may also save information about connection parameters (amount of time, IP address).
  4. Data collected in this way is not made available to third parties other than upon express consent of the user, or where the duty to submit it results from provisions of law.
  5. Data collected in this way may constitute a database of potential customers registered by the website’s operator in the register kept by Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.
  6. Data obtained via the forms is processed only for the purpose ensuing from the function of the specific form, e.g. in order to process the request submitted via the website or for business contact.
  7. Data given in the forms may be furnished to entities which technically carry out some of the services – in particular, this applies to furnishing information on the holder of the domain which is being registered to the entities which are operators of Internet domains, to the payments’ handling services or to other entities the website operator co-operates with in this regard.

4. Information about cookies

  1. The website uses cookie files.
  2. More information about cookies policy: http://www.bonair.com.pl/en/cookie-policy.html

5. Server logs

  1. Information concerning the website’s use by its users is collected on the basis of analysis of access logs. Such information is used exclusively for the purpose of website administration and in order to ensure as efficient maintenance of the provided hosting services as possible, e.g. when diagnosing problems connected with the server’s operation, diagnosing security breaches (if any), managing the website.
  2. The resources viewed are identified via URLs. Also, some files may be saved which are not required to make use of the service/site, but facilitate its use, such as:
  • the date/time the enquiry was received,
  • the date/time the answer was sent,
  • name of the customer’s station – identification implemented via HTTP protocol,
  • information about errors which occurred during implementation of HTTP transactions,
  • URL of the page previously visited by the user (referrer link) – where the transition to the website occurred via a link,
  • information about the user’s browser,
  • information about IP address.

     c. Bonair SA assures that the foregoing information is not associated (linked) with the personal data of users who browse the website.

6. Management of cookies – how to express and withdraw consent in practice

  1. The user may manage cookies used by the website.
  2. If the user does not want to receive cookies, he may change browser settings. Please note that disabling of cookies necessary for the authentication processes, security, or maintaining of user preferences may hamper or even prevent use of the website.

7. Management of cookies’ settings

In order to manage cookies’ settings, choose your web browser/ system from the list below and act according to instructions:

8. Opting out of receiving newsletters

The website offers the opportunity of opting out of receiving newsletters ordered by users. The user is provided with the option of removing information about himself and stopping receipt of information sent via electronic mail. The method of removal is posted on the website in the instruction attached to the contents of messages sent out via the service/site.

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